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  • The American Experience: The Presidents - A collection of research developed for the PBS television series. Includes a review of all 20th century chief executives, a collection of Presidential quotes, links to related sites, a comprehensive collection of primary source materials, and a teachers' guide. 
  • American Presidents Blog - This is an excellent blog featuring US presidential sites. 
  • The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden - Official exhibit site of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Traces the history and culture of the presidency from 1789 through 2000. 
  • The American President - Official site for the PBS series includes presidential biographies, historical documents, essays, an overview of the election process, a campaign simulation game, and related lesson plans. 
  • American Presidents: Life Portraits - Site complements CSPAN television series of the same name. Includes brief facts about each president, plus video clips from the series. 
  • Character in Time: The U.S. Presidents - Project seeks to produce quality one-act plays that capture the character of each President. Site includes synopsis of each play, along with profiles of the playwrights involved in the project. 
  • Dead Presidents - Visits to the gravesites of the U.S. Presidents, with links for more information on their lives. 
  • First Families - This site focus on Jenna and Barbara Bush, but covers other First Families as well. 
  • First Ten Presidents - Information and links about the first ten leaders of the United States. 
  • Getting the Message Out - An exhibition examining the national popular political culture in the antebellum United States through campaign materials from presidential campaigns from 1840-1860. Site includes histories, biographies, and primary source material such as campaign biographies and campaign songbooks, as well as song recordings, images, and teachers' guide. 
  • Grolier Online: The American Presidency - A history of presidents, the presidency, politics and related subjects. Includes biographies for every president. 
  • The Hall of Forgotten Presidents - Arthur, Tyler, and Polk are identified and chronicled as forgotten, yet important, Presidents. 
  • Hall of Presidents - Portraits and brief descriptions of presidents. Quicktime VR virtual tour available. Part of the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery. 
  • History Buff: The Presidents of the United States of America - Features portraits, biographical sketches, trivia, inaugural addresses, and links to related articles. 
  • History of Camp David - A look at the history of Camp David, the mountain retreat of U.S. presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt through George W. Bush. 
  • Impeachment - Explains how crimes and misdemeanors in the White House are dealt with. Includes detailed information on Watergate and the Starr report. 
  • Masonic Presidents Tour - Identifies U.S. Presidents who were Masons. Includes a portrait of each, along with his signature and a record of his Masonic career. 
  • Medical History of American Presidents - Tabulates the little-known illnesses of America's chief executives. Copiously referenced. 
  • MSN Learning & Research: President of the United States - Encarta Encyclopedia article gives overview of highest government position. 
  • Our Political Drama: Conventions, Campaigns, Candidates - Anecdotal history of American presidential campaigns, conventions and inaugurations, with six chapters about the development and use of political cartoons in presidential politics. 
  • Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies - Find pictorial records of the first families from the Library of Congress Prints and Photograph Division. 
  • 4President - Guide to the Presidency from The lives, issues, and legacies of the Presidents.Includes text of Inaugural Addresses. 
  • A Presidential Exploration - The Oval Office - ThinkQuest site provides fast facts about the men who have occupied the Oval Office, as well as in-depth looks at their administrations. 
  • Presidential Factfile - A comprehensive collection of photographs, biographies, quizzes, and trivia from 
  • Presidential Gravesites and Homes - A personal photo collection of the homes and gravesites of the Presidents of the United States. 
  • Presidents - Index contains biographies, sketches, writings, and speeches. 
  • Presidents and First Ladies - Original articles, discussions, answer to questions, and links to other sites on the subject of presidents, vice-presidents, and first ladies. 
  • Presidents of the United States - Background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site. 
  • Presidents of the United States - Includes information about U.S. Presidents, including biographies, campaign histories, trivia, genealogy, and museums. 
  • The Presidents of the United States - Short history of the U.S. Presidency, along with biographical sketches and portraits of all the presidents to date. From the official White House site. 
  • - Archive of facts about the lives of the Presidents, their accomplishments, and the events surrounding their presidencies. 
  • Public Papers of the Presidents - Material compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. 
  • The Tennessee President's Trust - Contains historical information on all U.S. Presidents with a focus on those from Tennessee as well as a directory of presidential resources on the web. 
  • Trivia One - Interesting and unusual facts about United States Presidents, in the form of a trivia quiz. 
  • U.S. Presidents and the Presidency - Tells about the office of president, the history of the presidency, and the office of vice president. Includes portraits of first ladies and interactive quizzes. From the publishers of World Book Encyclopedia. 
  • U.S. Presidents: Lists and Records - Collection of presidential facts and trivia in list form. 
  • Virtual Election Voting Booth - Choose from 53 people in Pick A President. 
  • Voices of The Presidents - Sound files of the last 20 Presidents. 



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